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Why Is Easybox TV Popular?


✔︎ Easy To Use

As the name implies, this is an easy to use TV box. You will easily connect to your TV and starts watching channels.

This instructional YouTube video explains how to connect your TV box to the TV.


✔︎ Premium TV Channels

Easybox TV delivery many premium channels to your living room. Easybox Maximus has the most extensive channel list. All the channels are live, and not pre-recorded.


✔︎ Kodi And YouTube

Enjoy latest version of Kodi, and other applications like YouTube and Netflix. You are free to download any Kodi add-on you want.


✔︎ HD Quality

Most of our streams are in HD quality.


✔︎ Octa Core CPU

Enjoy your movies with this faster than the fastest TV box. Nothing beats this Octa Core CPU TV box.

Our Octa Core TV box has the cheapest price on Amazon and eBay. Best hardware with the best prices.


✔︎ Global TV Box

Works everywhere you have stable internet/WiFi (at least 2 mbit/s). Our clients in USA, Canada, Europe and Australia are happy with it.


✔︎ No Subscription

Do you want to have an open TV box without subscription? Then you should have a look this no subscription TV box Easybox Eternal.

Easybox Eternal is open for 3 years and with no monthly subscriptions and no annual fees.


✔︎ Great Reviews

Read reviews about Easybox IPTV in many review websites and blogs. We are also happy to announce that Easybox reviews on Amazon got 4,5 of 5 stars.


✔︎ Wi-Fi TV Box

All our Easybox models are WiFi Ready. No need to buy a WiFi dongle or to connec. Of course you also can connect with Ethernet cable.


✔︎ Sports Channels

Easybox TV delivers many sports channels.


✔︎ MultiRoom Function

Do you want to have 2 TV boxes for one subscription? Then our MultiRoom device is just what you need.

With Easybox Multiroom you will get 2 TV boxes with ONLY one subscription.


✔︎ Top Arabic TV Box

We are proud to say that we have the most popular Arabic TV box on Amazon with the best Amazon reviews.

What Does Clients Think About Easybox TV?

I live in Sydney (Australia) and I couldn´t watch Arabic TV channels, until I bought your box and that solved my problem. I can now watch around 600 live channels from different countries.


Thanks for amazing WiFi IP box! I can watch Bein Sport HD quality and with no buffering. I have tried many IPTV boxes. But Easybox internet box for Arabic channels is the best one.


I bought easy box tv because my neighbour recommended it. With this tv box i can watch Arabic channels and Bein Sport in HD quality.

Abo Mazen

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