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Product Description

Delivery time are about 10-14 days

2 Easybox boxes for 1 subscription!

Easybox Multiroom is a set of 2 units sold together, and you pay one subscription. You can use them only in the same home.

With Easybox Multiroom you can watch different channels in different rooms.


Multiroom solution IPTV Box

Easybox Multiroom is a set of 2 units sold together, so you can use them in different parts in your home. For example, you can have the first box in the living room and the second box in the bedroom and watch different TV channels.

This package offers a great subscription benefit and two-in-one deal, which allows you to own two IPTV boxes that can be used in the same home with only one subscription of $140.

Easybox Multiroom is unique because all other IPTV boxes on the market require one subscription per IPTV box. Easybox IPTV is the first IPTV company that offers this great benefit to our customers.

Easybox Multiroom is only sold as Maximus model, so you can watch more than 1000 channels from all over the world without any need for bulky satellite dish that take all the place on your balcony. You can watch following channel languages

  • Arabic TV
  • Greek TV
  • Russian TV
  • Indian TV
  • Pakistan TV
  • Bengali TV
  • Kurdish TV
  • Turkish TV
  • German TV
  • French TV
  • Kurdish TV
  • African TV
  • Somali TV
  • Spanish TV
  • English UK TV
  • American TV
  • Afghan TV
  • Persian TV


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