Easybox’s New IPTV Boxes Comes With New Remote

Easybox New IPTV Remote Control For USA Clients

Easybox New IPTV Remote Control

Easybox’s next take on the Arabic IPTV boxes for USA looks pretty much the same as before, but it brings along some useful upgrades to keep it current. The biggest difference? It now includes an new  remote control at the same price. It also packs in a faster octa-core processor (compared to a quad-core chip before) which much faster than its predecessor. Mostly, it seems like Easybox is trying to keep the USA IPTV boxes more competitive than Loolbox and ZaapTV.

Easybox Octa Core vs Quad Core IPTV Box

Easybox Octa Core vs Quad Core IPTV Box


Unfortunately, there’s still no 4K support on these IPTV boxes — if you want that, you’ll have to wait for the next version of Easybox USA IPTV boxes. I’d also expect that device to get a refresh soon to support HD Streaming. The new remote control appears to work just like before, allowing you to search for content and launch apps.

You can order the new Easybox remote control today. Easybox is also offering the USA clients $65 worth of one month free content for the first 100 orders.