About Easybox

About EasyBox

Wow! It is truly rare to be given the opportunity to speak about our selves. Generally, we’re busy tending to the customer’s needs or working strenuously to enhance our products and services. Our company has only been in business since 2011, but we’ve conquered a great deal. We’ve taken the Arabic IPTV and have completely revolutionized it into something out of this world! Thanks to our hard work and innovative approach, our company has gained recognition throughout the world, with clients in the United States, Australia, the Middle East, and Canada.

There is no mystery why these individuals prefer us to our competitors. Our service offers the best, most reliable, and most affordable solution for watching Turkish channels and Arabic channels anywhere in the world. We truly offer the best IPTV box. Of course, our faithful journey is far from over! We’re just getting started and we would like to welcome you aboard the ride.

Hop On The Train

Come on! What are you waiting for? It is time to hope on board and begin experiencing the best IPTV service known to man! In fact, our company was bestowed the Best IPTV Box Award by TestKingz.com. When partaking in our services, you will never ever want off of the train. Why is this the case? Well, our company offers an exercise in excellence, which is unlike anything else. Our IPTV box delivers an unparalleled experience. While the other services lag, buffer and generally suck, ours does not. We’ve gone above and beyond to ensure that our IPTV box is different and we’ve achieved this goal.

An IPTV Box You Can Rely On

When setting out on this journey, our company knew we have a tough road ahead of us. However, we never deviated from our original goal of providing consumers with an IPTV box, which was affordable, reliable, and user-friendly. According to the critics, as well as current and previous users, we’ve managed to achieve this goal. Our IPTV service delivers an enormous selection of channels! You will not find the same offering anywhere else, especially at our price.

Our IPTV box is unmatched in terms of performance. Our clients receive high-quality channels, with the mass majority of them being HD! And wait! It is not over yet! Our box is reliable! Users will never be forced to sit through buffering or lag! With our IPTV box, you are truly abusing yourself, if you do not make the purchase!

Our Team

We want to take the time to introduce you to our experienced, friendly customer service team.

Robert – Customer Support

Wendy – Team Leader

David – Customer Support

Wendy has an extensive background in business leadership, administration, and management. She strives to train and educate each member of the team to promote quality customer service, while remaining on standby to assist, whenever needed.

David has been with our company since the beginning and no one knows customer support like him. He is always ready and willing to take the extra step to assist customers solve any issued they experience in a timely manner.

Robert joined our team several months after the initial startup. He has now become an integral part of our team and we would not know what to do without him. His professional tenure is extensive, making him very knowledgeable on the principles, procedural methods, and ethics in
customer service.

Stop Hesitating

Thank you for allowing us to introduce ourselves. Today is the day your life could change and we hope you’ll allow us to be a part of your revolution. When you’ve hit your breaking point and become sick and tired of your satellite provider, we’ll be here! When you’ve watched your monthly bill rise higher and higher and are ready for a change, we’ll be here! When you’re ready to watch real HD channels without buffering, we’ll be here! If you do not contact us today, you are truly missing out.