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Easybox Arabia

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Easybox Arabia is our most popular IPTV box. It has completely eliminated the buffering, and delivers to you Arabic and Kurdish channels with excellent quality.

With the Easybox Arabia IPTV, you will gain access to a large quantity of channels. You will gain immediate access to over 600 live Kurdish and Arabic channels for more than half the cost of the competition!

Easybox Arabia comes with 12 months subscription.

Orders placed from 27th September to – 10 th October will be shipped between 13-16th October.


Product Description

Easybox Arabia is our most popular IPTV box. It has completely eliminated the buffering, and delivers to you Arabic and Kurdish channels with excellent quality.

With the Easybox Arabia IPTV, you will gain access to a large quantity of channels. You will gain immediate access to over 600 live Kurdish and Arabic channels for more than half the cost of the competition!

Easybox Arabia comes with 12 months subscription.

Orders placed from 27th September to – 10 th October will be shipped between 13-16th October.

Incredible Stability

The Easybox gives you the ability to deliver rapid zapping, when switching from channel to channel. This particular IPTV box also ensures that your will be able to enjoy no buffering, no lag and no system crashes. With the Easybox Arabia, your will enjoy a pleasant experience while watching all of their favorite channels. Experience the best of Arabic television with ease. With the Easybox, lag and buffering is completely eliminated. With the high-tech load balancing technology, you’ll enjoy your favorite shows without any lag or buffering!


Avoid Buffering

Where other IPTV services fail, Easybox truly shines. The Easybox Arabia TV accesses high-speed servers and load balancer technology provide you with your entertainment, without lag or buffering. USA clients will use USA servers and Canadian clients will use Canadian servers. While other IPTV boxes will experience lag and buffering, this is never an issue with Easybox!

Large Channel Selection

With the Easybox Arabia IPTV, you will gain access to a large quantity of channels. You will gain immediate access to over 600 live Turkish and Arabic channels for more than half the cost of the competition! Thousands living in the USA, Canada and Australia have already begun to experience and benefit from the service! You could be next!

Lots Of Arabic Channels

Investing in the incredibly affordable Easybox Arabia IPTV will give you the ability to enjoy hundreds of Arabic channels. MBC, Rotana, OSN, BeIN Sport and BeIN Movies are all available. With the reliability and cost effectiveness of the Easybox, there is truly no better way to access the Arabic channels that you desire! The Easybox will give you the ability to watch Arabic channels in the USA, Canada and Australia!

Easy To Use

Want a totally convenient experience? Look no further than the Easybox Arabia IPTV. Only 2 Mbps down speeds are required. No technical skills or tech knowhow are required.

Easy Installation

You can easily install their Easybox in 3 simple steps. Connect the power cord, inset the LAN cable, and connect the HDMI cable. Switch on the Easybox and you’ll be watching your favorite Arabic shows in seconds!

Less Costly Than Anything Else!

Attempting to acquire the same channels anywhere else would cost you hundreds of dollars a month. With the Easybox Arabia IPTV, you will acquire the world’s best IPTV box! Only pay for a $140 renewal fee to ensure server upkeep and maintenance. The Easybox is the best, cheap price Arabic IPTV box, yet is the top rated service on the market. TestKingz.com has rated the Easybox as the best IPTV box!

A Big Customer Base

The Easybox Arabia IPTV is the most popular IPTV service in the world. Over 120,000 units have been sold to date. Those from the United States, Australia, Canada and other countries have already fallen in love with the Easybox Arabia IPTV and everything it has to offer.

Incredible Customer Service

Easybox goes above and beyond to provide their clients with excellent customer service. Customer support is readily available. Representatives are standing by and always happy to help!

Why Buy The Arabia IPTV?

  • Excellent picture quality and a big selection of HD channels
  • High-speed servers and load balancing technology connects you to the closest server to eliminate lag and buffering
  • Reliable 24×7 customer service
  • Access any Arabic channels, including BeIN Sport, BeIN Movies, Rotana and MBC
  • Rated the best Arabic IPTV box in USA, Canada, Australia
  • Time shift allows Arabic viewers to in USA, Canada or Australia to watch Arabic channels in their current time zone
  • Built-in high-speed Wi-Fi
  • NEW – Record on an USB. Record an upcoming program by selecting in EPG menu.


Outstanding Customer Ratings And Reviews

Easybox IPTV is the most sold Arabic IPTV box on eBay and Amazon. The customers were so satisfied that they took the time to write a review and rate their purchase. The ratings and reviews are outstanding, which should tell you everything about the quality of the Easybox IPTV.

Affordable Costs

Easybox Arabia comes with a 1-year subscription and after a year, the renewal fee is only 140$. This small fee is for our high speed servers and guarantees you the continuance of high-quality service without buffering.

Are you ready to become an Easybox customer? If you wish to gain access to an array of excellent Arabic channels, the Easybox Arabic IPTV is an excellent solution. With the Easybox, you’ll save money and will be able to watch Arabic channels in USA, Canada and Australia! There is truly nothing to lose and everything to gain. Buy Arabic USA IPTV box from Easybox right now and win big!

Easybox Arabia channel list.



Channel List

Arabic Channels

2M MarocAlhayat We Al NasFox MoviesOSN E
2M MondeAlhurraFrance 24OSN FIRST HD
4SHbabAlkaheraFrance 24 ArabicOSN Food Network
ABC CinemaAlmasrawia AflamFrance 24 EnglishOSN Movies HD
Abu Dhabi Al OulaAlmoledFujairah TVOSN Movies Kids
Abu Dhabi DramaAlnasFunoon TVOSN Nat Geo Wild
Abu Dhabi KidsAlrai TVFuture TV InternationalOSN Nickelodeon
Abu Dhabi Nat GeoAltaghierGali Kurdistan TVOSN Sky News
Abu Dhabi SportsAlthanyaGear OneOSN Sports 1
Abu Dhabi Sports 2AltohamyHannibalOSN Sports 2
AD Al Emarat HDAlwatan DZHawas TVOSN W Network
Addar TVAmjad TVHeya TVOSN YaHala
AddouniaAmozhgary TVHollywood HindiOTV Lebanon
AdenANB – Arabic News BroadcastHona AlqudsPalestine Live
AghaninaANNHona BagHdadPanorama Cinema
Ahl Al BaytANNAJAFHuda TVPanorama Comedy
AjialArabica TViFilmPanorama Drama
AJM MasrArryadiaiFilm ArabicPanorama Drama 2
Ajman TVART Aflam 1iFilm EnglishPanorama Film
AL AdjwaART Aflam 2Imagine MoviesPayam TV
Al AhdART CinemaImam HassanPlay Aflam
Al Ahed 2ART Hekayat 1Imam Hussein 2Press TV
Al Ahly ClubART Hekayat 2Iqraa TVQatar Today
Al Ahvaz TVAshrooq TvIraq Future TVQatar TV
Al AlamAttessia TVIraq TV HDQuran TV
Al AnbarAzhariIraqia TVRak TV
Al Anwar 1B4U AflamIRIB TV2Resalat Al Islam
Al Anwar 2B4U PlusIshtar TVRotana Cinema EGY
Al Aoula InterBaghdad HonaJeem SDRotana Cinema KSA
Al Aqila TVBaghdad TVJordanRotana Classic
Al ArabiyaBahrain TVJordan SportRotana Clip
Al Arabiya AlhadathBaraemJordan TVRotana Khalijiah
Al Awhad TVBaynounah TVKarameeshRotana Masriya
Al BabelyaBBCKarbala TVRotana Music
Al Baghdadia 1BBC ArabicKBC AlgeriaRoya
Al Baghdadia 2BBC WorldKidziniaRT Arabic
Al Bait Baitak CinemaBedayaKirkuk TVRudaw TV
Al DafrahBein Movies HD 1KNNSada Al Balad
Al DanahBein Movies HD 2Kokky TVSada Al Balad Drama
Al Diyar SatBein Movies HD 3Kurdistan TVSada Al Balad+
Al Djazairia TVBein Sports 1 HDKurdmax PepuleSafa TV
Al EkhbariaBein Sports 1 HD TSKurdmax TVSama Cinema 1
Al EshraghBein Sports 10 HDKuwait SportSama Dubai
Al Etejah TVBein Sports 10 HD TSKuwait TVSama TV
Al FalastiniahBein Sports 11 HDLana TVSamarraa TV
Al FayhaaBein Sports 11 HD TSLayaly CinemaSat 7 Kids
Al ForatBein Sports 12 HDLBC SatSaudi 1
Al Ghad Al ArabyBein Sports 12 HD TSLDCSaudi 2
Al HadathBein Sports 2 HDLebanon TVSaudi Channel 1
Al HayatBein Sports 2 HD TSLibya AlhrarSaudi Quran
Al Hayat CinemaBein Sports 3 HDLibya AwalanSaudi Quran
Al Hayat LifeBein Sports 3 HD TSLibya News ChannelSaudi Sport 1
Al Hayat MusalsalatBein Sports 4 HDLibya PanoramaSaudi SunnaH
Al Heddaf TVBein Sports 4 HD TSLibyaa TurathiyaSaudi Sunnah
Al Hiwar EttounsiBein Sports 5 HDLTCSawt Alitra
Al HorreyaBein Sports 5 HD TSLTCSemsem
AL Hurra IraqBein Sports 6 HDM TunisiaSet El Beit
Al Iraqia 1Bein Sports 6 HD TSMaghreb 24 TVSharjah Sport
Al Iraqia 2Bein Sports 7 HDMajanSharjah TV
Al Iraqiya 3 SportsBein Sports 7 HD TSMajdSharqiya News
Al Iraqiya TVBein Sports 8 HDMajestic CinemaShbab TV14
Al JadeedBein Sports 8 HD TSMasr Al ArabiaShbab TV2
Al Janoubia TVBein Sports 9 HDMassayaSheba TV
Al JazeeraBein Sports 9 HD TSMazzikaSky News Arabia
Al Jazeera DocumentaryBeirut CinemaMazzika ZoomSout Masr
Al Jazeera EnglishBelody AflamMBC 1Sout Masr
Al Jazeera MubasherBelqees TVMBC 2Spacetoon Arabic
Al Kahera Wal NasBeurMBC 3Star Academy
Al Kahera Wal Nas 2Beur TVMBC 4Star Aflam
Al KarmaBin OthaimeenMBC ActionStar cinema 1
Al Kass One HDBlue Nile ChannelMBC BollywoodStar Cinema 2
Al Kass Two HDBlue Nile TVMBC DramaSudan TV
Al Khabar KBC AlgeriaCairo AflamMBC MasrSudan TV
Al MaarefCairo CinemaMBC Masr 2Sumaria
Al MadaCairo ComedyMBC MaxSyria 18th March
Al MadeehCairo DramaMBC Pro Sports 1Syria satellite TV
Al MagharibiaCairo MusalsalatMBC Pro Sports 2Syrian Drama TV
Al MaghribiaCairo One TVMBC Pro Sports 3Syrian Education
Al Majd Holy QuranCairo ZamanMBC Pro Sports 4Taha TV
Al Majd3Canary TVMDCTal2a Hendy
Al Manar TVCartoon Network ArabiaMedi1 TVTalaqie
Al Masar TV Al OulaCBCMehwerTalaqie
Al MasriyaCBC 2MekameleenTamazight
Al Massar Al OulaCBC DramaMelody ClassicTawazon TV
Al Mayadeen TVCBC eXtraMelody TVTelvza TV
Al Mehwer TVCBC SofraMESatTEN
Al MustakilaCimaMiracle TVTime Action
Al Mustakillah TVCima AlibabaMisr El BaladTime Cinema
Al Nabaa TVCima MetroMixTime Comedy
Al NaharCinema 1Mody KidsTime Drama
Al Nahar 2Cinema 2Moga CinemaTime Film
Al Nahar Al YoumCinema AlwanMoga ComedyTime Quran
Al Nahar DramaCinema ProMTV LebanonTime Taxi
Al Nahar SportCity 7 TVMusic Al HanenTime Turki
Al Najaf ChannelCNANaynawa AlghadTNN Tunisia
Al Nojaba TVCNBC ArabiyaNBNTobacts TV
Al OulaCNC AflamNBNToktok Aflam
Al QietharaCNNNessma Al HamraTop Movies TV
Al QudsCoran TVNessma TVToyor Al Janah TV
Al RafidenCTVNet TV KurdTRT Arabic
Al Rahma TVDabanga SudanNile CinemaTRT Kurdi
Al RasheedDarbaka AflamNile ComedyTunisia
Al Rayyan TVDarbaka CinemaNile CultureTunisia First TV
Al ResalaDewan 1Nile DramaTunisia Nat 1
Al Saeedah TVDijlaNile FamilyTunisia Nat 2
Al SahraaDolly CinemaNile LifeTV Tamazight
Al Sahraa 3Dream 1Nile NewsTV5
Al Seha Waljamal TVDream 2Nile NewsUniversal Somali TV
Al Shaaer TVDubai DramaNile SportUNRWA TV
Al Shareyyah ChannelDubai OneNile TVVelayat TV
Al SharqDubai Racing 1Nogoum FM TVVin TV
Al SharqiyaDubai Sports 1Noon TVWanasah
Al SumariaDubai Sports 4Noor DubaiWest El Balad
Al Tanasuh TVDubai Sports ChannelNour Al ShamWWE
Al ThakafeyiaDubai TVNour KidsYEMEN SHABAB
Al ThawraDubai ZamanNoursat Al ShababYemen Shbab
Al Turkmenia TVDunya TVNRT 1Yemen Today
Alaan TVDunya TV ArabicNRT 2Yemen TV
AlafasyDW-TV ArabiaNumidia News TVZagros
AlaskandriaDzair NewsOman TVZaytoona TV
Alasr TVEchourouk TVOman TV SportZee Aflam
AldanahEnnahar TV AlgerieONTVZee Alwan
AlfarqadaynEriteria TVONTV EgyptZee Living
Alfath QuranEuroNewsONTV LiveZweina Baladna
Alforat 2EuroNews ArabicOrient
Algeria A3FaraeenOscar Drama
Algerie 3Fashion OneOscar Hendi
Algerie 5FatafeatOSN Al Yawm
AlghadeerFezzan TVOSN Disney Channel
Alhayat 2FOXOSN Disney Junior


Kurdish Channels

Kalsan TVKorekPelistank


African Channels

AshorooqOromia TV HQRoyal Somali TVSouthern Ethiopia TV
Horn Cable TV Tele Tchad


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15 reviews for Easybox Arabia

  1. 4 out of 5


    Simple and easy to use. I enjoy watching movies with this tv box.

  2. 4 out of 5


    خفيف وسعره مناسب

  3. 5 out of 5


    افضل جهاز وسعره مميز

  4. 4 out of 5


    حلو اتحكم فيه عن طريق الريموت او فاره بلوتوث او عاديه اللقط فيه قوي اتصغح النت فيه اقرى جرايد افتح اليوتيوب اللعب فيه جوال اندرويد كامل

  5. 4 out of 5


    المنتج مماثل للمواصفات المذكوره يعتبر جيد بالنسبه للسعر المعروض

  6. 5 out of 5


    ممتاز يجعل التلفزيون ذكي وخيارات الجهاز سهل لايوجد فيها صعوبة ويتوفر فيها لغة عربية

  7. 5 out of 5


    المنتج ممتاز بعد المقارنه بأمثاله ، بيسط الاستخدام أنصح به

  8. 4 out of 5


    رخيص الثمن وكامل امكانات الاندرويد فيه

  9. 5 out of 5


    الجهاز ممتاز وانصح فيه

  10. 5 out of 5


    انصح بهذا المنتج الرائع وسعره المنافس ويمكن الاطلاع على اليوتيوب لمعرفه كيفيه عمل الجهاز وكيف يمكنه نقل الصوت والصوره من الموبايل او التابلت او الكمبيوتر عن طريق الواي فاي

  11. 5 out of 5



  12. 4 out of 5


    يغنيك عن السمارت TV
    واضح وسهل

  13. 5 out of 5


    اكثر من رائع والسعر ايضا كذلك مقبول واذااردتم جهاز بمواصفات جيده وسعر جيد انصحكم فيه بكل تاكيد وايضا يوفر منافذ كثيره
    يحول التلفزيون الى جهاز اندرويد متكامل

  14. 5 out of 5


    صورة واضحة و السرعة جيدة ، إمكانيات الجهاز و الريموت جيدة ، يحول التلفاز لجهاز أندرويد حقيقي بكل مميزاته

  15. 5 out of 5


    انا اخذت جهازين وعجبني المنتج والف شكر لكم على تعاملكم

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